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Futuristic Rap Cover inspired by the old and cult video game Speedball 2 : Brutal Deluxe (here is the original intro track

Speedball 2 intro music Original by Nation XII (Simon Rogers/John Foxx)


We're in the stadium, feel the tension
Be the one who lives or the one who dies
We are the games of these fucking new times
So show your pride and swallow your fright
Another sigh, another night
Forget all the lies and get ready to fight
Do you wanna see how the world feels
Do you wanna see how the world kills
Show and blood always made good deals
You know it's all about our violence skills
They want us to be this way
They want us to be this way
You know we're only bad seeds
We learned to be bad seeds

Do you want some Brutal Deluxe?
Come get some Brutal Deluxe!

Time to bash, time for rash
Flashes, crashes, soon ashes
Our bodies are war machines
No beliefs, no rules, no sins
We can't stop but my head pops
We can't stop! I've been shot
We can't stop! I'm blacked out
I'm knocked out, I'm blacked out

It's not over... Back to the game!
I hear them screaming louder
A noise orchestra, post-apocalyptic opera
It's not over... Back to the game!
I still not feel any pain
I do not feel any pain
Back to the game!


released November 1, 2016
Rap & Vocals by Kocktal
Guitar & Guitar Bass Jice
Synth, Rythm, Scratch and Mix by DeeJay PonPon
Robot voicing by My vintage Atari 520 STe



all rights reserved


Emmett & the Nihilist France

Emmett and the nihilist is a French band drawing inspiration from the unlikely fusion of early electronic music and 70s progressive rock.More than just a band, Emmett and the Nihilist is a musical experimentation, whose style evolves between ambient, chill-out, dub and experimental music but always with the will to keep a roots/pioneer spirit. ... more

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